NYC Commercial Vehicle Parking
October 15, 2009

Two of our readers wrote in to ask where they can park a commercial vehicle, like a U-Haul van or truck. Turns out it’s not so easy.

Let’s say you’ve rented a U-Haul to move and need to double park on the street. In most situations, you can double-park to ‘expeditiously’ make pickups and deliveries – as long as stopping, standing, or parking is not prohibited, and as long as there isn’t a free parking space or loading zone within 100 fee that that you could be using. But we all know that loading and unloading a U-Haul isn’t expeditious, so be careful where you double park.

If you’re looking to park your van during the day or overnight, the New York Department of Transportation (DOT) simply doesn’t allow commercial vehicles to park for more than three hours and doesn’t allow overnight parking on a residential street from 9pm – 5am on any street. If you do get a ticket for overnight parking, you have to prove that you were ‘actively engaged in business’ at a location within three blocks of where you got the summons.

So find a garage that doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg to park overnight, and you’ll save yourself a bundle in parking tickets. We’re asking our garage partners to let us know if they’ll take a large van or commercial truck, and then we’ll post the list of garages on our site and on this blog.

Here are some locations where you can park a van, trailer, or truck:

QuikPark — 223 W 46th between 8th & Broadway, open lot on the North side of the street. The average box-car truck rate is $50.00 for 24 hours. Call ahead at 917-837-0193 to reserve your spot.

Parking a commercial vehicle is actually pretty complicated stuff, so you really need to go directly to the DOT site for all the information.

But first, here is some more basic information:
What exactly counts as a commercial vehicle? When you’re talking about the rules for Parking, Standing, and Stopping, you have a commercial vehicle if:

1) You have commercial plates AND
2) You’ve permanently changed the vehicle to have everything except the front seats removed so that you can transport property AND
3) Your company name and addresses is permanently showing on the sides of the vehicle.

When you’re talking about everything BUT the rules for Parking, Standing, and Stopping, you have a commercial vehicle if:

1) Your vehicle is designed, maintain, or used primarily for transporting property, providing a commercial services, or has commercial plates.

Do you have some hints for how to park or store a commercial vehicle in NYC? Let us know.


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