NYC Parking Ticket Scam at ‘T’ Intersections
November 10, 2009

Our friend, Larry Berezin at New York Parking Ticket just told us about a new parking ticket scam.

Until December 2008, you could get a parking ticket if you parked in front of a pedestrian ramp located in the middle of the long street of a ‘T’ intersection, even if the ramp didn’t have an painted crosswalk or lights. The ticket was $165, which is a pretty expensive ticket.

Well, in December 2008 the Department of Transportation (DOT) realized that this ticket didn’t make any sense and changed the law. Now, you can park on the ‘major street’ of a ‘T’ intersection as long as there aren’t any traffic signals, painted crosswalks, or all-way stop signs.

But it seems traffic enforcement is still giving out those $165 tickets and people are paying them!

Check out Larry’s blog for more tips on avoiding and defending parking tickets.


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