Folding Electric Vehicle
September 30, 2013

Image,_Armadillo_T_Folding_Car,_folded_with_manResearchers in South Korea have invented a folding vehicle, the Armadillo-T. This fully electric vehicle folds in half, with the back half rising up and over the front half.

  • 110 inches long when open, 65 inches long when folded
  • Maximum speed of 37 mph
  • Fully electric with a range of about 60 miles
  • Uses cameras instead of side-view mirrors
  • Four individual electric motors, one for each wheel, allow the car to turn 360 degrees via the driver’s smartphone

Here’s a video of the car in action.  This could be great for fitting into those really tight NYC parking spaces.

What we want to know is, wouldn’t it be great if the car folded before you parked, so you can fit in the space? 

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