Manhole Covers Charge Electric Vehicles
October 21, 2013
NYC could have Green Parking Zones for electric vehicles

NYC could have Green Parking Zones for electric vehicles

Whilst electric vehicles are still slow to catch on in the US because of the sticker price and charging station access, new technology is solving the problem of finding a charging station when you need it.

Computer World has just reported that in early 2014, NYC will test on-street electric vehicle charging stations in the  Washington Square Park area. Hevo Power, a NYC-based start-up company, began working side-by-side with engineers at NYU Poly in December 2012 to develop, prepare and commercialize their wireless charging technology at their Metro Tech Center location in Brooklyn for use in NYC.

Hevo Power is proposing Green Parking and Green Loading Zones for NYC. These zones will have manhole-style covers equipped with wireless receivers, so you park your electric vehicle over the manhole cover and charge away. Hevo’s business targets commercial vehicle fleets (think UPS, FedEx, Fresh Direct, delivery trucks) rather than individual car-owners.

  • Zones will be in premium parking locations
  • Commercial fleets will be provided a ‘safe haven from onerous ticketing charges while reducing traffic congestion’ (source: Hevo)
  • Payment for electric vehicle charging will be made through wireless bill pay, so you won’t get free NYC street parking and free electric vehicle charging
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles will need to install a corresponding on-board wireless receiver​
  • HEVO’s manhole covers work via electromagnetic resonance, which makes a magnetic connection between a charging coil to a car equipped with a wireless charging coil
  • Similar technology costs $3,500 – $5,000 to install

Since 2010, there are a number of NYC parking garages that have offered electric vehicle charging stations and NYC Mayor Bloomberg wants to add 10,000 public parking spots for electric vehicles (EVs) over the next seven years, with 2,000 of these NYC parking spaces having electric vehicle charging stations. As of April 2013, NYC had 100 public electric vehicle charging stations (mostly in off-street NYC parking garages) plus another 120 charging stations for NYC’s fleet of 458 electric vehicles.

NYC garages, such as Edison ParkFast, have either given away free charging when you pay for parking, or charged for the parking in exchange for free electric vehicle charging.

Nationally, Hevo wants to install HEVO Power Stations in parking garages, parking lots, metered parking positions, highway service areas and just about anyplace that’s not a personal home garage. Hevo’s FAQ page is actually pretty amusing, too.

Questions We Have

  1. Will NYC carve out precious NYC street parking for these stations?
  2. That seems like a lot of digging into NYC streets, doesn’t it?
  3. Does the technology install ‘fake’ manhole covers, or install the wireless technology beneath existing manhole covers? If Hevo plans to use existing manhole covers, how many are actually located on NYC streets?

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