NYC’s Fantastic New Website
October 21, 2013

Image,_NYC_website,_new_design_October_2013NYC has just launched a new website,, and at first glance, we think the navigation and design is much better. Really clear and clean layout and links, the homepage gives the status of NYC Alternate Side Parking regulations, the font is easy to read,and of course we checked out the sections for NYC Parking, NYC Traffic Violations, and what you might want to know and NYC garages and getting around.


Alternate Side Parking — the left hand side of the homepage will let you know if the regulation is in effect today.






Public Parking Lot — unfortunately, the website tells you to ‘Call 311’ to find a Public NYC Parking Lot. Not much help. 

Municipal Parking Lot or Garage Complaint — again, you have to ‘Call 311’.

Fight a NYC Parking Ticket — good information, but there are many pages that just link to the old NYC pages, and these can remain confusing.

Taxi Complaint — coincidentally, we had a taxi driver last night who missed our destination — twice. So I thought I try making a complaint. I found the link within 2 seconds (it’s listed as a top issue for 311 on the new website), and then spent 15 minutes trying to submit the complaint.

We looked at 10 other top categories and found the same issue. It’s easy to find the topic you want, but the content seems to be much the same, and the NYC government quagmire still exist. Who knows — maybe this wonderful new design will inspire improvements in the process?




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