How to Reduce NYC Traffic
December 19, 2013
Queensboro Bridge

Queensboro Bridge

Tired of NYC traffic and want to do something about it? Check out the group, Move NY, established to reduce NYC traffic in midtown NYC. Led by Sam Schwartz, former NYC DOT Commissioner, Move NY’s plan includes:

The idea is to ease NYC traffic by discouraging drivers of commercial vehicles and private cars from motoring through some of the city’s most congested neighborhoods to reach the toll-free East River bridges.

Previous Congestion Pricing plans aimed to reduce midtown NYC traffic by penalizing drivers with an ‘entry fee’ to drive below 60th St in Manhattan but didn’t not include charging tolls on all the East River crossings. Schwartz’s plan hopes to spread out the congestion by:

  • charging drivers to enter Manhattan where there is good public transportation like NYC subways and buses,
  • spreading out traffic by tolling most East River bridges and tunnels into Manhattan (instead of having two crossings with tolls – Triboro RFK Bridge & Queens Midtown Tunnel — and four NYC bridges with no toll), and
  • lowering or completely eliminating NYC bridge and tunnel tolls where there is insufficient public transportation.

Move NY. Faster. Safer. Faster. This is the group’s motto. Sam Schwartz’s presentation.

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