Proposed NYC Traffic Changes
February 22, 2014

Image,_NYC_TrafficNew NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio has announced significant changes to improve NYC traffic. DiBlasio’s primary objective is to reduce the number of NYC traffic fatalities to zero. He plans to accomplish that by:

  • Instituting a police crackdown on NYC speeding motorists,
  • redesigning 50 dangerous intersections and streets each year,
  • increasing NYC police enforcement against dangerous moving violations, including speeding, failing to yield to pedestrians, signal violations, improper turns/disobeying signage, and phoning/texting while driving,
  • getting Albany’s permission to decrease the citywide speed limit to 25 mph from 30 mph,
  • increasing the number of red-light cameras beyond the current 120 locations,
  • implementing eight new neighborhood slow zones,
  • installing speed
  • cameras at 20 new authorized locations,
  • installing 250 speed bumps, including in neighborhood slow zones,
  • enhancing street lighting at 1,000 intersections,
  • creating 25 new “neighborhood slow-zones” to help minimize speeding,
  • imposing stiffer penalties on NYC taxi drivers who drive dangerously, and
  • maintaining an interagency task force to oversee the implementation of Vision Zero.

Image,_Vision_Zero_logoVision Zero is Mayor DiBlasio’s plan to reduce the number of NYC traffic fatalities to zero.


According to Crain’s New York Business:

  • Adding red-light cameras requires NYS legislative approval,
  • NYC police will need to purchase advanced speed-detection equipment,
  • Reducing the NYC speed limit requires NYC legislative approval, and
  • NYC Department of Transportation will install 250 more speed humps and enhance street lighting at 1,000 intersections.

Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg already made a significant dent in reducing fatalities due to NYC traffic accidents. We don’t have data tracking Mayor Bloomberg’s twelve year term from 2002 to 2013, but NYC traffic fatalities fell from 381 in 2000 to 249 in 2011. Much of this decrease is being attributed to Bloomberg’s initiatives with pedestrian plazas, bike lanes and traffic-calming measures.

Vision Zero reports that at locations where the New York City Department of Transportation has made major engineering changes since 2005, fatalities have decreased by 34%, twice the rate of improvement at other locations.

Read all of the City Actions for Vision Zero. 


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