Alternate Side Parking to Change?
July 8, 2014

NYC Alternate Side Parking ASPOn Monday, June 7, 2014, the NYC City Council held a hearing on a bill that would allow drivers in NYC to return to parking spaces once the street sweepers pass through for NYC street cleaning. For locals, the street cleaning is referred to as Alternate Side Parking (ASP) regulations. For anywhere from 2 to 3 hours a day, you are not allowed to have your vehicle on a particular street so the NYC Department of Sanitation can ‘sweep’ the streets. Most ASP signs are clearly marked with the ‘P’ symbol with a broom through it.

We’ve covered this proposal before, and here’s a recap.


  1. Potentially significant reduction in wait times for NYC drivers who have to wait 2 – 4 hours in their vehicles during the mandated Alternate Side Parking regulation time.
  2. Much less double-parking by these vehicles, so traffic will be reduced as well

Objections & Concerns

  1. The NYC Sanitation Department is concerned that cars will be parked on NYC streets where they need to go back and clean again.
  2. The bill could reduce revenue from issuing NYC parking tickets for ASP violations, and
  3. The Department of Sanitation is concerned that the traffic enforcement agents issuing the NYC parking tickets wouldn’t know if the street sweeper had come through or not.

We’re not sure if the last concern is still valid, though, as we’ve read that the NYC Sanitation trucks were equipped with GPS after the major snowstorms a few years ago. However, we’ve also heard that NYC’s 450 mechanical street sweepers do not have GPS technology that could allow residents to track when the vehicles are gone.



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