» Queensboro Bridge 100th Anniversary

November 17, 2009

Don’t you hate when you run back to your meter and find a ticket issued just 2 minutes after the meter expired?
NYC muni-meter-image
Last week, the NY City Council approved legislation (which was introduced way back in March 2009) that gives you an extra five minutes ‘grace period’ before Muni-Meter parking regulations and Alternate Side of the Street parking rules are enforced. Mayor Bloomberg says that this will lead to ‘chaos’ and says he will veto this measure, but the Council can over-ride his veto with a two-thirds majority.

The City Council, which passed the law at an overwhelming 47-2 majority, made its decision on the premise that everyone’s watch cannot possibly be set to the exact same time. So if you believe your meter runs out at 2:17pm and your watch is a few minutes slow, then you don’t really deserve a ticket if you get to your car when your watch says 2:17.
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June 18, 2009

Two weekends ago I was honored to be invited to join Mayor Bloomberg’s celebrations of the 100th anniversary of NYC’s Queensboro Bridge, which connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Queens. A select group of us were invited to walk across the upper level of the bridge, which was closed to traffic, for the ceremony at the middle of the bridge. Read more…