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October 21, 2013

Image,_NYC_website,_new_design_October_2013NYC has just launched a new website, http://www1.nyc.gov/, and at first glance, we think the navigation and design is much better. Really clear and clean layout and links, the homepage gives the status of NYC Alternate Side Parking regulations, the font is easy to read,and of course we checked out the sections for NYC Parking, NYC Traffic Violations, and what you might want to know and NYC garages and getting around.


Alternate Side Parking — the left hand side of the homepage will let you know if the regulation is in effect today.






Public Parking Lot — unfortunately, the website tells you to ‘Call 311’ to find a Public NYC Parking Lot. Not much help.  Read more…

August 20, 2012

NYC MTA logoThe MTA budget released in late July 2012 includes fare increases in 2013 and 2015. That means you’ll be paying more to ride a NYC bus or NYC subway.

We don’t know the amount of the new fares, but the budget shows that combining MTA fares and tolls is expecting to bring in $450 million in 2013, and $500 million in 2015.

Don’t like another fare increase? You can voice your objection at MTA public hearings in November.

The NYC MTA Board will vote in December, and any fare increase will be implemented in March 2013.

November 3, 2011

NYC Taxi MedallionYou see a NYC taxi with its rooftop lights on, try to hail it, and it flies right past you. Yet a second taxi with the exact same lighting situation picks you up. WHY?

You aren’t alone in being confused.  According to the NYC TLC (Taxi & Limousine Commission), NYC yellow cabs have 2 lights on the rooftop:

Medallion Number — this is in the center. If it’s ON, then the taxi is available most of the time.

Off-Duty Lights — there are two of these, with one on either side of the Medallion Number.

There are four possible combinations of these two sets of lights, and it’s confusing. Read more…

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October 27, 2011

Are you happier riding the NYC subways and NYC buses than you were last year? That’s what the annual MTA Customer Satisfaction Survey sets out to determine. Based on surveys from June 2011, customer satisfaction with NYC subways and NYC buses service increased over last year.

How did the Subways Do?

  • 84% of subway customers reported being satisfied with the overall comfort and convenience of using the subway, up six percentage points from last year. Satisfaction with temperatures onboard trains increased five percentage points to 84%.
  • Countdown clocks appear to be having a positive impact on the overall customer experience. Customers using stations with countdown clocks rated 54 attributes more highly than customers at stations without the clocks. 96% of customers reported being satisfied with the clocks themselves.
  • Customer satisfaction with information about planned service changes increased to 76% this year from 69% a year ago.
  • Ratings for six of the eight major categories increased significantly: comfort and convenience, safety and security, service reliability, service frequency, cleanliness of subway cars, and information and communications aboard trains.

And What about the Buses? Read more…

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Jay Walder signed a 6 year contract to be the Chairman of NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) but resigned after just two years to exponentially increase his salary and run an international transportation and development corporation in Hong Kong. Jay Walder had a tough two years dealing with the Second Avenue Subway, more than one fare and toll hike, the 60 MTA unions (yes, 60!), lower revenue due to people losing jobs, and interest payments on debt from the MTA’s capital plan.

The new MTA Chairman is Joseph Lhota. Who is Lhota?

  • Lohta is a former investment banker who specialized in public finance,
  • He worked for former Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s as Budget Director and and served as Deputy Mayor of Operations looking after NYC’s Department of Transportation from 1998 to 2001, Read more…
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