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May 9, 2013

Streetline_DOT_map_of_parking_spacesIf you’re tired of driving around looking for a NYC parking space, and then hoarding  quarters to pay for NYC parking, NYC is working on a better way. NYC is testing out a new program on Arthur Avenue in the Belmont area of the Bronx, also known as Little Italy (of the Bronx). You can use your phone, internet or smartphone app to pay for 264 metered NYC parking spaces along or adjacent to Arthur Avenue  plus 57 spaces in NYC’s Belmont Municipal Parking Field. Each Muni-Meter in the pilot program has a QR code and a seven-digit number that is your link to making payments. How It Works

  1. Sign up for PayByPhone with your vehicle registration and credit card number
  2. Find a space by using NYC DOT’s real-time map of available NYC parking spaces (map shown above). The map shows where there are available spaces and where there is low or limited availability.
  3. After you park, type in the  number displayed on the side of the closest muni-meter to start paying for parking.
  4. When your meter is about to expire, you’ll get a text or email. You will be able to add more money to extend your time, but only to the time allowed by the parking regulation.

Things we Like about NYC Pay By Phone Parking

  1. You don’t have to walk to walk to the meter itself or deal with slips of paper. Read more…
May 6, 2013

Image,_Pango_screen_shotPango and Imperial Parking have partnered to offer NYC parking from your smart phone. Once you register your name, credit card, and license plate nunber, you use the app to find one of Imperial’s 110 NYC parking garages, and reserve a space. The app will know when you park and lets you alert the garage when you’re ready to leave so your car will be waiting for you. The greatest joy to us that the Pango app calculates and processes your payment, so you don’t have to wait at the cashier booth to pay for your parking.

Right now, Pango is being piloted in just one Imperial NYC parking garage. We hope the service expands to all of Imperial‘s NYC Parking garages.

We understand that Pango hopes to work with NYC Department of Transportationg (DOT) to allow this pay-by-phone service to be available for NYC street parking.

April 29, 2013

Hiroko Matsuike/The New York Times

As part of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s legacy, he wants to add 10,000 public parking spots for electric vehicles (EVs) over the next seven years, with 2,000 of these NYC parking spaces having electric vehicle charging stations.

Right now, NYC has 100 public electric vehicle charging stations (mostly in off-street NYC parking garages) plus another 120 charging stations for NYC’s fleet of 458 electric vehicles. Bloomberg’s proposal would add another 30 charging stations for NYC vehicles, bringing the total to 150 to be used by NYC-owned electric vehicles.

In his February 2013 address, Bloomberg said, “This year we’ll pilot curbside vehicle chargers that will allow drivers to fill up their battery in as little as 30 minutes. We’ll work with Read more…

April 18, 2013

NYC parking meterOn January 25th, 2013, NYC parking meter rates increased. We’d previously written about this (potential) increase in November 2012.

If you deal with NYC parking, here’s the critical information:

  • Above 110th St in Manhattan: No change from $1/hour
  • 110th St – 96th St in Manhattan: Increase from $1 to $1.50/hour
  • South of 96th St in Manhattan: Increase from $3 to $3.50/hour
  • Lower Manhattan: New muni-metered spaces will be installed in 428 currently free or no parking zones.
  • City Parking Lots & Garages: Hourly and long term parking rates to increase

If you do overstay your parking meter and get an Overtime Meter Ticket, you’l be fined $35 – $65. That’s probably worth paying an extra $.50/hour.

The rate increases for NYC parking meters are expected to bring in another $5.1 million annually, whilst the NYC Muni-Meters for 428 spaces could bring in $6.7 million annually.

January 24, 2013

Inrix NYC parking garageFor nearly 10 years, we’ve been hearing about this fantastic new way you’ll be able to find parking — either street parking or garage parking. Here at Park It! Guides, we published an annual guidebook to the 1,100 NYC parking garages for three years. We stopped to focus on finding you NYC monthly parking because we knew there would be a way to share this information electronically, and have been working with parking garage owners and operators on that project.

In the last few years, we’ve heard from probably 20 companies that tell us about their great technology but can’t figure out how to make it work in NYC. And I hear that there are likely another 40 – 50 start-ups trying to do the same thing.

A few companies are seeing some success providing parking information via mobile apps, usually covering a small region. We found that whilst you can build great technology, you first need the actual location and rates for the parking garages to have a successful product. Read more…

August 18, 2012

Central Parking NYCCentral Parking and Wage Works have announced a partnership where employees can use pre-tax dollars to pay for NYC monthly parking.

In NYC, this TransitChek commuter benefit can be used for preferential pricing at more than 75 Central Parking NYC locations. Customers will be able to save 10% – 50% off the regular rates on NYC monthly parking.

Click here to see some fantastic deals on NYC monthly parking for as low as $99!

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August 13, 2012

NYC Alternate Side Parking ASPFor New Yorkers who can’t stand the idea of paying for a NYC parking garage, several times a week they participate in the every annoying ritual of moving the car for Alternate Side Parking Regulations (ASP). ASP is a set of days and times when one full side of the street needs to be clear for the street cleaning trucks to get through.

Transportation Alternatives has announced a soon-to-be released study, “Duet of the Commons: The Impact of Street Cleaning on Car Usage in New York.” This study looks at how NYC’s street cleaning rules may affect driving behavior. In the study, a pair of New York University researchers from  NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management found that alternate side parking increases car usage in the New York City region by an average of 7.1 percent.

It seems that when New Yorkers have to move their cars for the ASP street cleaning, Read more…

July 24, 2012

If you ever get frustrated with having to skirt around parking meter poles while you’re walking down the street, just do what the prostitutes do in New Zealand — use them as ‘dancing poles’!

Yep, according to Auckland Now, ‘sex workers have wrecked more than 40 parking signs in the last 18 months by using them to solicit clients’. A source says, “The poles are part of their soliciting equipment and they often snap them. Some of the prostitutes are big, strong people.”


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May 25, 2012

NYC parking meterFollowing in the footsteps of Chicago, Indianapolis, Sacramento, Harrisburg PA, and other cities, NYC is considering leasing NYC parking meters to an outside company. This private company would ideally leverage current technology to:

  • reduce congestion and get you to your parking spot faster using real-time NYC street parking occupancy data from companies like Streetline,
  • bring in more revenue with remote payment options via telephone, text, or online.

What would the NYC government still do?

May 4, 2012

Volkswagen's Autostadt—an automotive-themed amusement park—includes a car museum, driving courses, car-factory tours and these 20-story car silos.

When you think of a parking garage, you probably don’t think about much except for the entrance, how easy it is to find a spot, and how much the parking costs. But hold your horses, because Popular Mechanics magazine has just featured the World’s 18 Strangest Parking Garages. These Strange Parking Garages feature:

  • Car Museum
  • Retail shops
  • Rooftop restaurant
  • Skating rink
  • Concert hall

See more fantastical garages.  Read more…

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