Driving in NYC is not easy. You need to be alert, aware, defensive, careful, unafraid, and ready for a random pedestrian crossing in front of you, a cab driver honking at you, trucks double-parked, construction blocking the road, and all the rules and regulations of NYC driving.

But once you get past the noise and traffic, it’s really not all that hard, or dangerous. Actually, it can be kind of fun.

We have compiled information to make driving in NYC easier for you. Just click on any link to the left and you’ll find out about avoiding NYC traffic and NYC traffic tickets, tolls for NYC bridges and tunnels, great NYC maps, real-time traffic alerts/traffic cam, museums and tourist attractions, Broadway theater parking, and making sure that when you park, it’s hassle free and easy.

Manhattan Bridge, view from Brooklyn

View from Brooklyn, courtesy of Wikipedia


There are 14 bridges and 4 tunnels that connect in Manhattan, and many more that lead you to and from all five of NYC’s boroughs. The West Side of Manhattan crosses the Hudson River, and the East Side of Manhattan borders the East River and Harlem River. Just click on any link along the lefthand side of this page to find out everything you need to know about a bridge or tunnel’s history, key facts, toll information, vehicle access, and even if you can walk across the bridge.


No one likes a traffic ticket, whether it’s for speeding, cell phone usage, going through a red light camera, or honking the horn. Our experts have weighed in how to:


If you’re driving in NYC, we have a fabulous cross-street finder to help you figure out the nearest intersection for a building, lists of NYC tourist attractions, and NYC maps of the streets and highways,


with a few select NYC garages.