Third Avenue Bridge

The Third Avenue Bridge brings traffic from the Bronx to Manhattan. Originally constructed in 1797 for $4 million, the Third Avenue Bridge has been refurbished three times over its lifetime.  In 2004, an entirely new bridge was installed for a cost of $118 million.

It is a sister bridge to the Willis Avenue Bridge, which brings traffic from Manhattan to the Bronx, and is a much traveled alternative to the Triborough Bridge / Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, because it does not have a toll.Third_Avenue_Bridge_map The Third Avenue Bridge is just north of the Willis Avenue Bridge.

Some key facts about the Third Avenue Bridge:

  • Swing bridge with 4 lanes spanning 364 ft
  • Total length: 2,800 ft
  • In 2007, the Third Avenue Bridge carried nearly 60,000 vehicles into Manhattan daily

Read more about the Third Avenue Bridge from NYC Roads.

TOLLS: No toll


From the Bronx: enter from 3rd Avenue, Bruckner Expressway or Bruckner Blvd

Entering Manhattan: left lanes go to2nd Avenue and E 128th Street, right lanes take you to E 129th Street, Lexington Avenue, or the FDR Drive South and 2nd Avenue. You can also get to the Harlem River Drive South.

Walk across the Third Avenue Bridge!

There is a pedestrian walkway along the side of the bridge.


with a few select NYC garages.