George Washington Bridge


george washington bridge

The George Washington Bridge connects New Jersey at Fort Lee to the west side of Manhattan’s northern area at W 179th Street. In 2009, the George Washington Bridge carried nearly 120 million vehicles back and forth!

This world famous suspension bridge has two levels and is a key roadway for NYC driving. The Upper Level opened in October 1931 and was considered an engineering feat, followed by the Lower Level 31 years later in August 1962.  Its extraordinary 3,500-foot center span is suspended between two 570-foot steel towers, and has the strength to carry two levels of roadway or rail. The original cost was $59 million.

George Washington Bridge Map

Trucks must use the Upper Level.

Some key facts about the George Washington Bridge:

  • Main span: 3,500 ft
  • Water clearance at midspan: 212 ft
  • Width of bridge: 119 ft
  • 14 lanes  (8 Upper Level, 6 Lower Level)

Read more on the official Port Authority of New York & New Jersey site.

TOLLS: A toll is charged ONLY going from New Jersey into Manhattan. No toll entering New Jersey. For more information visit the EZ Pass page for rates.

Effective December 2, 2012, 3am:

Two-axle passenger vehicle:

  • $13 Cash or without EZ Pass
  • $10.25 with EZ Pass during Peak hours of Mon – Fri 6-10 am & 4-8 pm, Sat – Sun 11am- 8 pm
  • $8.25 with EZ Pass during Off-Peak hours of Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm, 8pm – 6am, Sat – Sun 8pm – 11am

Motorcycle: $7.25 one-way Off-Peak, $9.25 one-way Peak, $12 Cash

Driving a motorcycle, truck, or other vehicle? Here are the toll rates for you.


From Manhattan:

Enter the Lower Level from Westchester and Connnecticut by taking I-95 S, follow to I-95/Cross Bronx Expwy/I-678 S exit toward Geo Washington Br/Whitestone Br. Merge onto I-95 S/Cross Bronx Expwy via the exit on the left toward G Washington Br/I-95 S. Keep right to take I-95 S toward G W Bridge/Lower Level.

Enter the Upper Level from the West Side by taking the RT-9A N/Henry Hudson Parkway. Take I-95/Cross Bronx Expwy exit, Exit 14, toward Geo Washington Br/W 178 St. Merge onto I-95 S/US-1 S/US-9 S via the exit on the Left toward G W Bridge/New Jersey/Upper Level.

From New Jersey: enter from RT-4 E toward Fort Lee/New York, follow to I-95 N ramp toward Bridge. Merge onto New Jersey Turnpick N which becomes I-95 N/US-1 N/US-9 N, and takes you right onto the bridge.

Entering Manhattan: to get to Manhattan’s downtown, follow signs to RT-9A S/Henry Hudson Pkwy via Exit 1. To get to Westchester and Connecticut, follow signs to Hutchinson Pkwy N, Exit 9.

Entering New Jersey:  you can get to I-95S, New Jersey Turnpike S, I-80, Garden State Parkway, Rt-4.

Walk across the George Washington Bridge!

According to Transportation Alternatives, the bicycle route is along the South Walkway with great views of the Hudson. They recommend going down to Palisades Park afterwards. No stairs on the South side, but along a steep ramp.

Manhattan entrance: enter at 178th street and Cabrini Boulevard (stairs at 179th Street for the North side)
New Jersey entrance: enter at Hudson Terrace in Fort Lee, just north of Fort Lee Historical Park.

Find out more about walking and cycling across the George Washington Bridge from Transportation Alternatives.



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