Common Traffic Tickets & Fines

If you deal with NYC driving, then you know that there are some NYC traffic violations that you just don’t want to get. We’ve put together a list of the most common NYC traffic tickets for you – what they are, points, fines, and anything else you need to know. The fines are subject to change, but are current as of September 2010.

NYC traffic ticket fines usually include a $15 NYC Criminal Justice surcharge.

Here’s a full listing of Violations, Fines, Rules and Regulations.

Going through a Red Light: $100 – $300 (depends on number of prior offences), 0 points if caught by a Red Light Camera, 3 points if caught by a police officer

Cell Phone Ticket: $130 fine, 3 points

Vehicle idling in a restricted area: $115 fine, 2 points

Blocking an Intersection: $115 fine, also known as “Blocking the Box”, 2 points

Speeding Ticket: $45 – $600.  3 points for 1 – 10 miles over the limit, 4 points for 11 – 20 miles over the limit, 6 points for 21 – 30 miles over the limit, 8 points for 31 – 40 miles over the limit, and 11 points for 40+ miles over the limit.

Disobeying Stop or Yield Sign: 3 points

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Here’s a list of some of the NYC traffic violations and the points you’ll lose on your license. If you get 11 or more points in an 18-month period, you may have your license revoked or suspended, after a hearing. Points are added to you record on the date of the violation, NOT the date you are found guilty.

NYC Traffic Ticket Violation Points

NYC Traffic_Ticket_Violation_Chart



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