Red Light Camera Locations in NYC

Red_Light_CameraIt happens before you realize it. You think you can make it through the NYC traffic light and just as you’re going through the intersection, you see a quick flash of light. Yes, you’ve probably just been caught by a red light camera in NYC.

FINE: about $50, possibly more if the driver has multiple violations

POINTS: 0 points

A summons for a ticket for going through a red light camera in NYC is usually treated as a parking ticket.


Red lights are used to detect traffic violations including speeding, going through a red traffic light, unauthorized used of a bus lane, recording vehicles inside a congestion charge area, and other violations.

According to Traffic Lawyer, when the camera’s sensors detect that a vehicle is moving too fast to stop at a red light, a photograph is taken of the red light and a second photograph is taken a few seconds later as the vehicle crosses through the intersection against the red light. A summons with the photographs attached is then issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.


It’s pretty hard to dispute a clear photograph of your vehicle going through a red light camera in NYC. There are a few defenses that might work:

  • the photograph doesn’t clearly show that your vehicle went through the red light,
  • you were in the middle of a medical emergency,
  • your vehicle was having mechanical difficulties, or
  • someone stole your vehicle


Coming Soon! See the red light camera locations in NYC on a map!

Listed below are some known red light camera locations in Manhattan.  Red light camera locations in NYC are constantly being added. If you see a camera that is not on our list, please email us at

  • 10th Ave and 34th St going North
  • 10th Ave and 39th St going North
  • 11th Ave at 42nd St
  • 110st and Manhattan Ave going East
  • 12th Ave and 57th St
  • 12th Ave and 57th St going North
  • 12th Ave and West 57th St
  • 12th Ave and 57th St going North
  • 14th St and West Side Highway going South
  • 145th St and St. Nicholas Ave 4 way
  • 170th St and Amsterdam Ave going North
  • 63rd St and 1st Ave St going North
  • 125th St at 2nd Ave
  • 2nd Ave at 36th St / Queens Midtown Tunnel
  • 2nd Ave at Queensboro Bridge/59th St Bridge (between 59th and 60th Streets)
  • 36th St and 3rd Ave
  • 42nd St and 2nd Ave
  • 42nd St and 2nd Ave going South
  • 5th Ave at 23rd St
  • 5th Ave at 42nd St
  • 5th Ave at 49th St
  • 57th St and 10th Ave
  • 57th St and Henry Hudson Parkway
  • 57thSt and 9th Ave
  • 6th Ave at 34th St
  • 6th Ave at 42nd St
  • 6th Ave at 49th St
  • 6th Ave at Canal St
  • 63rd St at 1st Ave
  • 6th ave and Canal St (going north)  Possible dummy cam, it’s on the right hand side.
  • 7th Ave at 125th St
  • 7th Ave at 145th St
  • 79th St and Riverside Drive
  • 79th St/3rd Ave before 79th St along 3rd Ave
  • 79th St and York Ave
  • 79th St and Riverside Drive
  • 8th Ave at 110th St
  • 8th Ave at 34th St
  • 8th Ave at 42nd St
  • 8th Ave at Columbus Circle
  • 80th St and Cooper Ave
  • 9th Ave at 34th St
  • 9th avenue and 20th St
  • Amsterdam Ave at 178 St
  • Amsterdam Ave at 181 St
  • Bowery at Canal St.
  • Broadway at 169 St
  • Broadway at 46th St
  • Brooklyn Bridge at Centre St
  • Central Park S at Columbus Circle
  • Central Park West at 96th St
  • Church St at Vesey
  • E 57th St. at Queensboro Bridge/59th Street(between 1st and 2nd Aves)
  • E 63rd St at Queensboro Bridge/59th Street (between 1st and 2nd Aves)
  • FDR at 135th St
  • FDR at 155th St
  • FDR Dr at 36th St
  • FDR Dr at 78th St
  • FDR Dr at 96th St
  • FDR DR at Catherine St
  • FDR Dr at Old Slip
  • Henry Hudson Pkwy at 72nd St
  • Riverside Dr at 135th St-H Hudson Pkwy
  • Riverside Dr at 153th St-H Hudson Pkwy
  • The Holland Tunnel
  • The Lincoln Tunnel
  • Trinity at Brooklyn Battery Tunnel
  • West St at Canal St
  • West St at Murray St
  • West St at The Intrepid

Wait! There are more red light camera locations in NYC in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island!


with a few select NYC garages.