NYC Traffic & Speed Traps

Speed_Limit_with_Your_Speed_MachineIt happens when you least expect it, which is exactly why it’s called a traffic ‘trap’. You see a span of empty road and you naturally speed up, or you make a left turn when you’re not supposed to, or are driving in one of the new Manhattan bus lanes.

And then you see the police car pull out from a hidden spot  and pull you over. NYC traffic rules can be hard to follow. There are lots of signs, the roadways are confusing, and it’s easy to get a NYC traffic violation.

A Traffic Trap in NYC can be a spot where it’s easy to go through a red light, make an illegal left or right turn, drive illegally in a bus lane, or get stuck in an intersection.

A Speed Trap is an area where the NYC speed limit suddenly drops or where it’s easy to speed. Check out our Speeding Tickets page if you do get caught in a speed trap.

You can be stopped for speeding because your vehicle was recorded by radar, laser, pacing techniques and/or visual estimates.


  • 50 mph on NYC highways
  • 40 mph on NYC bridges
  • 30 mph on NYC streets
  • 25 mph in NYC tunnels


There are 16 known traffic traps and 7 speed traps in Manhattan. Most of the traffic traps in NYC have to do with making a turn when there is a ‘no turn’ sign, going through a red light, cell phone ticket, and making an illegal turn. Here are some of the speed traps:

  • Riverside Drive at 135th St side (the posted speed limit is only 30 mph).
  • 1st Ave Tunnel/Underpass from 41st St to 49th St: At the end of the tunnel, police with laser and radar guns in hand enforcing the 30 mile per hour limit.
  • FDR Service Road at 23rd St: Northbound on the service road just before 23rd Street, the police actively conduct speed enforcement of the 40 mph limit.
  • FDR Drive North of 96th Street.
  • West Side Highway, North of the Lincoln Tunnel.

Here’s the full list, from 888RedLight.


There is 1 known traffic trap and 4 speed traps in the Bronx. The four speed traps are:

  • New England Thruway in Baychester, where it intersects with the Hutchinson River Parkway.
  • Throgs Neck Bridge Expressway
  • Hutchinson River Parkway in North Pelham, near the Westchester border (either direction).
  • Major Deegan Highway near the George Washington Bridge (either direction)

Here’s the full list, from 888RedLight.


There are 8 known traffic trap and 10 speed traps in Queens. Here are some of the traffic traps:

  • Westbound Hillside Ave at Queens Boulevard. Blocking the box enforced
  • Eastbound Atlantic Ave to Northbound Van Wyck Expressway Service Road. Motorists turning from the middle lane are likely going to be issued a summons. Note: This location is one of the most popular ticket traps in Queens.
  • Northbound and Southbound on 150th St at 130th Ave. The stop signs at this intersection are strictly enforced.

and here are some of the speed traps:

  • Long Island Expressway just past Little Neck Parkway (Westbound)
  • Clearview Expressway (anywhere, anytime)
  • Jackie Robinson Parkway (anywhere)
  • Triboro Bridge: On the Queens-bound side, police sit around the curve and at the very end of the bridge waiting for vehicles exceeding the 40 mph limit.

Here’s the full list, from 888RedLight.


There aren’t any traffic traps in Brooklyn, but there are 6 speed traps. Here’s one of them:

  • Belt Parkway in Bay Ridge, westbound between 92nd and 65th Streets.

Here’s the full list, from 888RedLight.


There aren’t any traffic traps in Staten Island, but there are 3 speed traps:

  • Hyland Boulevard in Tottenville
  • Entire length of the Staten Island Expressway
  • Stretches of Victory Boulevard

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