Special Deals


Call at the End of the MonthNYC Parking Garages set their monthly parking rates based on the current market and how many spaces each location has available. Since customers will vacate on the 1st of the month and give notice at the end of the prior month, you will have a better chance of getting a cheaper rate during the last week of the month.

Find a Garage Just Opening — When a new NYC Parking Garage opens, the owner wants to fill it quickly with monthly customers to get revenue going. They’ll often offer cheap NYC monthly parking rates for the first customers.

Use a Garage Farther East, West, or North — Garages near 11th & 12 Avenues, 1st & 2nd Avenues, and at the very northern part of Manhattan near Inwood generally have less expensive NYC monthly parking rates.

HERE ARE SOME SPECIAL MONTHLY PARKING NYC DEALS.  All rates include tax. SUVs and Oversize vehicles may incur a surcharge. Request any of these NYC garages here. 


$140 - 520 E 117th St @ FDR, Indoor, Self-Park

$350 - 405 E 60th St @ 1st Ave, Indoor

$200 Storage Rate - 885 6th Ave on 31st St, $7 Exit Fee Mon 12:01am – Fri 5pm. No SUVs.

$250 Storage Rate - 841 6th Ave @ 29th St, $10 Exit Fee 7D.  $50 SUV surcharge

$275 – 10th Ave & 35th St, Outdoor lot

$425 - 15 William St @ Beaver St. $325 for Mon – Fri 7am – 7pm

$355 - 24th St between 2nd & 3rd Aves

$355 - 28th St between 2nd & 3rd Aves

$237 - 101st St & 1st Ave

$355 - E 94th St & 1st Ave


from more than 600 garages. deals as low as $200/month!