Parking Customer Loyalty Programs

Some parking garages offer customer loyalty programs and benefits to their NYC Monthly Parking customers, such as discounted daily rates at their other parking locations.

These benefits are not available at the garage where you are a monthly parking customer and usually require a credit card payment (no cash).

GMC Logo

If you are a NYC Monthly Parking customer with GMC Parking, then you can save 20% on hourly parking at any of GMC’s 59 locations in the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown, and Downtown, courtesy of its customer loyalty program.



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Central Parking & SP Plus Parking offer Monthly Parking Customers a Preferred Card, which gives you 20% – 50% savings on daily parking at more than 100 locations.


NYC Parking, GGMC_Loyalty_Program_Card

GGMC Parking, which has the prettiest NYC parking garages, has a Loyalty Program that gives its Monthly Parking Customers a 30% savings on day, evening, and weekend hourly parking in nearly all the GGMC locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.



NYC Parking, Icon_Parking_logoIcon Parking offers its customers 50% savings on all hourly rates at all locations, through its Preferred Customer Club. The card costs $5 and does not apply to motorcycles.


with a few select NYC garages.