Be a Good Monthly Parker

Why does it matter if you are a good monthly parker? We talked with many of our NYC parking garage operator partners, and they all indicated that they are more likely not to raise your NYC monthly parking rate if you are a good monthly parker.


  • Pay your bill on time
  • Call at least 1 hour before you need your car
  • Don’t complain unless it’s really important, like your car is damaged
  • Be nice to the Garage Attendants, ie. smile, say hello, say thank you. Everything your mother told you to do.
  • From what we hear, once a year the Garage Manager will go through a list of all the monthly parkers. If you’re a Good Monthly Parker, you rate is likely to stay the same. If you don’t pay your bill, complain a lot, expect your car to be ready when you don’t call ahead, and generally aren’t very nice, then there’s a good chance your rate will be raised. Either you’ll be paying for your behavior or you’ll leave and find another garage.

with a few select NYC garages.