Parking Garage Damage

Let’s face it, NYC parking is hectic and a garage attendant can be moving up to 3,000 vehicles a day. And during all these times of parking, retrieving, juggling, shuffling, and lowering cars, some NYC parking garage damage can happen.

NYC Parking Valets don’t like damaging your vehicle any more than you like having it happen. But sometimes it does, and all garages have systems in place to handle damages.

How to Handle Parking Garage Damage

  1. Report the NYC parking garage damage immediately to the valet and Garage Manager.
  2. Take pictures — you can use the camera on your phone or keep a disposable camera in your car.
  3. Fill out the Damage Claim Form that every garage must have on site. Get the Manager’s name and the garage phone number. Some garages will not let you keep a copy of the Damage Claim Form, so keep as much information as possible: garage, date, time you parked, time you retrieved your car, anyone who can verify your complaint, and whether you spoke with anyone at the garage.
  4. Be diligent about following up with the garage.

Listed below are the phone numbers and websites for the major companies.

Alliance Parking Systems 877.727.5672, 212.581.0535

Central Parking 800.836.6666

Champion Parking 212.308.5959/646.402.6984

Chelnik 212.751.1080

Edison Park Fast 888.727.5327


Enterprise Parking 212.564.3199

GGMC Parking 212.996.6363

GMC Parking 212.888.7400

Icon Parking 877.727.5464

Impark 212.937.8660

Imperial 855.472.7569

LAZ Parking 877.700.1123/212.265.2239

MPG 212.490.3460

MTP 888.277.7275

Park It Mgmt 212.929.9404

ProPark 888.776.7275/914.478.6300

Standard 800.836.6666

Ulltra Car Park Systems 212.221.6111

If you want to make a complaint to the DCA:
Department of Consumer Affairs
42 Broadway
New York, NY 10004

NOTE: If you negotiate a rate directly with a valet and you encounter a problem, you will need to contact the DCA.


with a few select NYC garages.