Self-Park Garages

Garage Attendants are parking your car in 97% of Manhattan’s garages. What do you do if you like to park your own car, rather than trusting the Valet in a NYC parking garage? Just park in the 34 NYC self-park garages and outdoor lots listed below. Also, since the parking spots are spaced out evenly and every car takes up the same space, you won’t pay any extra for parking your SUV or over-sized vehicle (usually) in a NYC self-park garage.

But before you run to park your own car, you should know the pros and cons to self-parking garages in NYC.


You Will Save Time because you don’t need to call ahead to pick up your car.

You Will Choose Where You Park because you’re parking your own car.

You Won’t Pay More for an SUV or Oversize Vehicle because small vehicles and large vehicles are using the same amount of space in the car stalls.


You Will Probably Pay More for a self-park garage. I know, you’re thinking ‘If the garage doesn’t have to pay the valet, then why does it cost more?’ With a valet attended garage, the attendants can squeeze in a lot of cars by parking them on 4-level high hydraulic lifts, parking them 3 deep bumper to bumper, and placing them very close together. That’s because they’re the only ones getting the cars and they have the keys to move around the cars. (If you’ve ever wondered why your windows are sometimes rolled down, it’s because the valets may need to climb out the window when they park the cars close together).

In a self-park garage, though, the stalls for each car are clearly marked and cannot change. That means the garage has a limited capacity and will usually charge more for each monthly parking space.

You May Have Car Damage with no recourse because you won’t know the other drivers.

Here’s the list of the 35 self-parking garages in NYC.

Note: We haven’t included the Monthly or Tenant Only NYC parking garages where you park your own car, just those for casual parking. Also, as garages change management, they may choose to change to a Valet Attended garage. This list is current as of December 2013.

  • 3875 9th Ave, Inwood
  • 115 Fort Washington Ave, Washington Heights
  • 3333 Broadway, Hamilton Heights
  • 142nd  St & Lenox Ave, Harlem
  • 642 Lenox Ave @ 139th St
  • 121 W 125th St, Harlem
  • 520 E 117th St between Pleasant Ave & FDR
  • Mount Sinai Medical Center, 1 Gustave Levy Place, East Harlem
  • 100 W 93rd St, Upper West Side
  • Museum of Natural History, 20 W 81st, Upper West Side
  • 103 W 62nd St, Lincoln Center
  • Circle Line, Pier 83/12th Ave @ W 43rd St, Clinton
  • 401 W 42nd St, Clinton
  • Circle Line , Pier 81/12th Ave @ W 41st, Clinton
  • Port Authority Garage, daily parking only
  • 1 Penn Plaza, Chelsea (Valet for special events)
  • 218 W 31st St, Chelsea
  • 220 E 26th St, Kips Bay
  • 2500 FDR bet 25th/26th, Kips Bay
  • New York Skyports Inc, E 23rd St & East River, Kips Bay
  • Chelsea Piers at W18th-W21st, Chelsea
  • 420 E 20th St,  Stuyvestant
  • 528 E 20th St,  Stuyvestant
  • 325 Avenue C @ 16th St, Stuyvestant
  • 279 Avenue C @ 16th St, Stuyvestant
  • 251 Avenue C @ 15th St, Stuyvestant
  • Pier 40 West St/West Houston, Hudson Sq
  • 123 Baxter St – Automated Garage
  • Muni 2, Delancey & Essex Garage, 107 Essex St, Lower East Side
  • Muni 1, Broome & Ludlow Garage, Lower East Side
  • Pier 42 (outdoor), South Side of FDR Dr. At Gouverneur St, Lower East Side
  • 55 Water St, Financial District
  • 56 Greenwich St, Battery Park Garage, Financial District
  • 10 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn

with a few select NYC garages.