NYC Travel Set

$39.75 if bought separately
$33.80 as a set, Save 15%


The NYC Travel Set includes  NYC Gas Station map, NYC Highway Entrances & Exits map, Manhattan Street Atlas, Manhattan Subways & Buses Map, and Manhattan Subways & Streets Map. A perfect gift for a newcomer to NYC or someone who drives in and around the city often.

NYC Gas Stations map shows NYC’s 47 gas stations by neighborhood. Just find where you are on the map and pinpoint the nearest gas station so you don’t waste precious fuel driving around looking. Never run out of gas again!

NYC Highway Entrances & Exits map is for the person who regularly drives around the city or drives in just a few times a year. There are two practical maps of all the entrances and exits for Manhattan’s West Side and FDR highways. You’ll know each entrance and exit number and any connecting bridges, tunnels, or other highways. Avert traffic jams by knowing how and when to get off and on the highways, and never drive past your exit or entrance again.

Manhattan Block by Block has 170 pages of detailed maps of Manhattan. You’ll get each building’s numbered address, the local names of these buildings, landmarks, and an overlay of the subway and bus routes. On top of that, Tauranac shares why and when the Avenues change names, such as 11th Avenue, which is West Street south of Gansevoort and West End Avenue north of 59th Street. He also includes clever ways to find a crossstreet or a specific block from a street address. The New York Times and Columbia Magazine rave about Tauranac’s books and maps.

Manhattan Subways & Buses Map is a 16-panel masterpiece to guide you around NYC using the MTA subway and bus system. One side of this heavily laminated map has every subway route with details of daytime and late night service. On the other side of this fantastic map you get Manhattan’s comprehensive bus system showing you how to get crosstown, landmarks and attractions, and the late night service.

Manhattan Subways & Streets Map is a stunning compact map of every single street in Manhattan with every block numbered. You’ll feel like a local as you easily find an address, cross-street, and landmark. The other side of this heavily laminated map is your secret to getting around underground using the MTA subway system in Manhattan, including both daytime and late night service routes.


with a few select NYC garages.