Manhattan Street Map

Published by Tauranac Maps

PRICE: $15.95

Fully updated and revised – all 170 pages!

John Tauranac has created the most detailed NYC street maps of Manhattan that we’ve been able to find. He has walked every street in Manhattan, so each building’s address is numbered and he even includes the names of these buildings. So if you’re looking for the Fuller Brush building, you’ll find it.  This book is really the best set of maps for NYC we’ve ever seen.

To help you navigate the City, his NYC street maps show you an overlay of the NYC subway and NYC bus routes.

On top of that, Tauranac shares why and when the Avenues change names, such as 11th Avenue, which is West Street south of Gansevoort and West End Avenue north of 59th Street. He also includes clever ways to find a cross-street or a specific block from a NYC street address.

The New York Times and Columbia Magazine rave about Tauranac’s books and maps of NYC.

Block by Block fits right in your glove compartment of your car, or in your bag if you’re out walking. The book’s design and great use of color make it incredibly easy to use.


with a few select NYC garages.