NYC Subway & Bus Wallet Map

Published by Tauranac Maps

PRICE: $2.95

We can’t believe how fabulous this laminated double-sided card is!

John Tauranac, who created the original 1979 design of the official MTA map, has done it again. He’s managed to put the entire Manhattan subway system on a card that is smaller than 4″ x 11″, and has got the entire Manhattan bus system on the other side!

This little gem won’t crack or lose its ink in the exact spot you want to see because it’s so well laminated and sturdy.

It’s so incredible that we can’t show you an image of it. But trust us, this little long-lasting card is worth way more than $2.95.

We recently displayed it at a street fair, and we sold out within the first few hours!


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with a few select NYC garages.