For some people, NYC parking is a competitive sport where the winner finds the closest parking, the cheapest parking, or both! With 1,100 NYC parking garages and lots in Manhattan alone, that’s not always easy. And when you don’t want to pay for garage parking in NYC by parking on the street, you run the risk of getting a NYC parking violation.


If you want the safety and security of a NYC parking garage and are willing to pay, then do your research before you leave home. We have personally visited every NYC parking garage and outdoor lot – 4 times! – and have compiled all the information you need to find the best parking. Unfortunately, we’ve completely sold out of our Park It! NYC book, which has hourly and special rates, weekend rates, discounts, hours and capacity, clearance height and if your SUV will cost you an extra $10, if credit cards are accepted, and much more. But don’t worry, we’ve included most of our insider tips in this website. 

We’ve also sold out of our map of NYC highways and map of NYC gas stations, but we do have a fantastic subway & bus maps, bus & streets map, and subway & street map. And, answers for these questions and more.

Where is the best parking?

I can never find a garage. Where are the new garages?

How can I find out about avoiding extra charges?

What’s the deal with Holiday & Event Parking?

Can you give me safety tips for a parking garage?

Where can I park oversized vehicles?


Parking on the street can be tough. You can drive around looking for a free spot, have trouble understanding the signs, get a parking ticket, or even have your car towed. If  you have any of the questions below, keep reading:

What do all these NYC street parking signs mean?

What does No Stopping, No Standing, and No Parking in NYC mean?

I got a an overtime meter ticket, now what?

I need to know how to fight a parking ticket.


The NYC Police Department issues nearly 10 million parking tickets a year. Find out how to avoid the most common tickets, fight a NYC parking ticket, and what those confusing NYC street parking signs actually mean.



with a few select NYC garages.