Congestion Pricing

Pile of cash, NYC ParkingIn March 2007, everyone was talking about Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed Congestion Pricing plan, which would have been an $8 charge for cars entering the central business district of Manhattan below 60th Street, from 6am to 6pm.

What happened? The plan died in the State Legislature. NYC lost $354 million in federal funding to improve transportation in the five boroughs and non-Manhattan commuters rejoice. The main opposition to Congestion Pricing came from people in the outer boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn who had to drive into Manhattan because public transportation wasn’t available to them, plus businesses that made deliveries during the daytime business hours. Also, the NYC garages were certainly concerned about a potential loss in business.

As of early 2011, we understood that Mayor Bloomberg’s office was looking at different ways to reduce congestion by charging some fee to enter Manhattan’s central business district. new Mayor Bill DiBlasio entered office in January 2014. So far, no mention of Congestion Pricing has been heard.

You can find out updates on proposed Congestion Pricing programs at

Transportation Alternatives is a non-profit organization that regularly participates in research to reduce street congestion from traffic and improve NYC air quality. It has some fabulous research studies about what causes congestion. One study claims that nearly 45% of all traffic is caused by people looking for NYC parking on the street.


with a few select NYC garages.