New Garages

Yes, garages do close. And new garages open as well. From June 2007 to May 2008, we were surprised to find that only 30 of the nearly 1,100 garages and lots had closed, and that 17 new garages had opened. Despite a net loss of 13 garages – a mere 1% of the total garages, 106 new spaces, were added! This means that there are 106 more spaces to help the all too familiar headache of  the NYC parking situation.

We expected that garages would close in the area from 8th Avenue and 12th Avenue from W 23rd to W 59th Streets, and in fact, 7 garages did close in this area, diminishing the amount of spaces for NYC parking. But then 4 locations also opened, and therefore, the number of spaces remains the same.

So then the question is, where are the new garages??

4055 10th Ave bet W 216th/W 218th
10th Ave/W 205th NE corner
6 W 137 St bet Lenox/5th Aves
418 W 127th St bet Morningside/Amsterdam on 126th
E 116th St @ FDR (opening July – October 2009)
520 W 53rd St bet 10th/11th Aves
627 W 42nd St bet 11th/12th Aves
248 E 53rd St bet 2nd/3rd Aves
350 W 42nd St bet 9th/8th Aves
346 W 40th St bet 9th/8th Aves
102 W 39th St bet 6th/Broadway
159 W 21st St bet 6th/7th Aves
445 Lafayette St bet Astor Pl/4th St
22 E 1st St bet 2nd Ave/Bowery
1 E 1st St bet 2nd Ave/Bowery
489 Canal St W corner of Canal/Hudson
123 Baxter St bet Grand/Hester

Our last Manhattan Parking Garage Survey was conducted in May 2008.


with a few select NYC garages.