NYC Theater Parking

Once you have paid $100 or more for a New York theater ticket, wouldn’t it be great to find a garage or lot easily, not overpay for parking, and then retrieve your car quickly when you return?

Before you go to the theater, here are some ways to make your NYC theater parking experience more enjoyable.

Pick Your Garage – Pre-plan your 1st and 2nd choices for parking. You’ll save more than a few minutes when you don’t have to circle the block and fight traffic looking for less expensive parking.

Don’t Overpay – Most theater district garages and lots post a higher rate for matinees and evening performances.  That’s NYC theater parking for you!

Make a Day of It – For matinees, find a great $10 Early Bird Special rate a little farther away. You’ll feel great that you got a bit of exercise walking to the theater, and you can use your $20 plus in savings for shopping or a meal with a friend. For evening performances, park after 6 or 7pm and you’ll get a great Evening Special rate.

Scout the Rates – Spend a little time researching the rates at websites. There are some great deals; you just have to find them.


Pay in Advance – if the garage has a flat rate, try to pay in advance so you can just pick your car up when you’re done.

Call Ahead – when you drop off your car, arrange that you’ll telephone when you’re 10 minutes away so they have your car ready.

Tip Beforehand – $1 to $2 can go a long way when you drop off your car.


with a few select NYC garages.