Tipping In A Parking Garage

Every New Yorker has his own view on tipping in a NYC parking garage – when, why, and how much.  We will discuss the whys, whens, and hows of giving tips when parking in NYC garages.


The average parking attendant earns $19,650*, which is less than half of the average salary in New York City. Additionally, attendants surveyed by Park It! Guides generally indicated that they would be inclined to “go the extra mile” for a consistent and good “tipper”. For your own self-reassurance that your car will be well taken care of, you may want to consider tipping the NYC parking garage where you leave your car in.


The majority of people tip, using that practiced sleight of hand, when the valet retrieves their car. Some garage companies suggested to us that customers tip when they drop off their cars as a way to ensure that the valet will take particular care when parking their vehicles. Another good reason to tip when dropping off is that valets who work during the day may not benefit from the tips customers give when they pick up their cars. However, most of the larger garages with multiple valets will pool their tips either by shift or for the entire day.


Most people tip $1-2 each time they park. Some people who have a consistent streak with monthly parking in NYC give a larger amount during the holiday season.

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2007


with a few select NYC garages.