How to Fight a Parking Ticket

NYC Parking TicketNeed help to fight a NYC parking ticket? Contact our friends at New York Parking Ticket and let them know we sent you. They’ll review your ticket and tell you your chances of getting it dismissed. If you don’t want to fight the NYC parking ticket yourself, contact New York Parking Ticket and they’ll do it for you.

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Questions about your NYC Parking Ticket? Try calling 212-504-4041. It’s an automated system, but you might be able to get a real person.

If you’re thinking about fighting a NYC parking ticket, be warned that it’s getting tougher. In 2005, 36% of challenged parking tickets were dismissed. But in 2008, only 16% of the challenged NYC parking tickets were successful. We’ve consulted the experts and they have given us their insider information on how to fight a parking ticket.

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The New York City Department of Finance has terminated its Reduced Fine Program (which offered a reduced fine for certain parking violations in exchange for pleading guilty to the parking crime. This waived your right to a hearing and appeal). Here are 3 simple suggestions to fight your NYC parking ticket:

  • Reply No Later than 99 days from the date your parking ticket was issued because on the 100th day, bad things happen when your parking ticket lapses into judgment. For example, you could have a default judgment entered against you,  interest is added to your base fine and penalties, and you risk having your vehicle towed when you are issued a parking ticket; and you have more than $100 in judgment.
  • Plead Not Guilty by mail — You have 30 days to plead not guilty by mail. Always include photos, affidavits from you or witnesses, diagrams, and other supporting documents to support your ‘not guilty’ plea. If you respond more than 30 days after the Issue Date of the ticket, you’ll get a $10 fine, and then more fines and penalties.
  • Plead Not Guilty online — There is a page on the NYC DOF website where you can Plead NOT GUILTY and request a hearing. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find, “Request hearing for” and a “GO” button. Click on the “GO” button. You’ll be taken to a page where you can plug in your violation number. Plug it in, and click on the “Search” Button to find your parking ticket. However, our friends at New York Parking Ticket have advised us to never fight a parking ticket online.



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