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December 19, 2013

Beam_Charging_Electric_VehicleIt’s the law now. As of 12/17/13, all new NYC parking garages must be able to supply electric vehicle charging stations for a minimum of 20% of the garage spaces. 

This new law does not require NYC parking garages to retrofit the facilities for electric charging stations. It applies only to new construction and NYC garages undergoing construction to increase capacity.

The bill states:

20. Parking garages and open parking lots.  Where an alteration of a parking garage or an open parking lot includes an increase in the size of the electric service, such alteration shall include provisions for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in accordance with section 406.2.11 or 406.7.11 of the New York city building code, as applicable.

406.2.11 Electric vehicle charging stations. Parking garages shall be capable of supporting electrical vehicle charging stations in accordance with this section. Electrical raceway to the electrical supply panel serving the garage shall be capable of providing a minimum of 3.1 kW of electrical capacity to at least 20 percent of the parking spaces of the garage. The electrical room supplying the garage must have the physical space for an electrical supply panel sufficient to provide 3.1 kw of electrical capacity to at least 20 percent of the parking spaces of the garage.  Read more…

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December 16, 2013

Image,_Electric_Vehicle_Charging,_NYTThe NY City Council recently reviewed (on 12/11/13) a proposal requiring all new NYC parking garages and NYC parking lots to be capable of installing electric vehicle charging stations.

The proposal calls for all newly built NYC parking garages to have a conduit that will provide 20% of the parking spaces with at least 3.1 KW of electric power to charge electric vehicles. Building owners don’t have to provide the actual electric vehicle charging stations yet; they’ll just need to have the capability for the future.

As we reported in April 2013, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s legacy included adding 10,000 public parking spots for electric vehicles (EVs) over the next seven years, with 2,000 of these NYC parking spaces having electric vehicle charging stations.

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October 21, 2013
NYC could have Green Parking Zones for electric vehicles

NYC could have Green Parking Zones for electric vehicles

Whilst electric vehicles are still slow to catch on in the US because of the sticker price and charging station access, new technology is solving the problem of finding a charging station when you need it.

Computer World has just reported that in early 2014, NYC will test on-street electric vehicle charging stations in the  Washington Square Park area. Hevo Power, a NYC-based start-up company, began working side-by-side with engineers at NYU Poly in December 2012 to develop, prepare and commercialize their wireless charging technology at their Metro Tech Center location in Brooklyn for use in NYC.

Hevo Power is proposing Green Parking and Green Loading Zones for NYC. These zones will have manhole-style covers equipped with wireless receivers, so you park your electric vehicle over the manhole cover and charge away. Hevo’s business targets commercial vehicle fleets (think UPS, FedEx, Fresh Direct, delivery trucks) rather than individual car-owners.

  • Zones will be in premium parking locations
  • Commercial fleets will be provided a ‘safe haven from onerous ticketing charges while reducing traffic congestion’ (source: Hevo)
  • Payment for electric vehicle charging will be made through wireless bill pay, so you won’t get free NYC street parking and free electric vehicle charging Read more…