March 5, 2013

Yep, new fares for NYC buses, NYC subways, Metro-North Railroad, LIRR Railroad, and NYC bridges and tunnels.

Effective March 3, 2013:

NYC Subway & NYC Bus

  • Base Single Ride Fare: Increase from $2.25 to $2.50 → $.25 increase
  • Single Ticket Fare: Increase from $2.50 to $2.75 → $.25 increase (Sold at vending machines only. Must be used within 2 hours, no transfers included)
  • Monthly MetroCard/30-Day Unlimited: Increase from $104 to $112 → 7.7% or $8 increase
  • 7-Day Unlimited: $30.00
  • 7-Day Express Bus Plus: $55.00
  • Express Bus: $6.00
  • Fee to Purchase New MetroCard $1, so save those used or expired NYC MetroCards and exchange them for a new one! Fee applies to each new MetroCard purchased at station booth, vending machine or commuter rail station.
  • Pay Per Ride Bonus: An additional 5% is added to your MetroCard with the purchase or addition of $5 or more.

Effective March 1, 2013, fares and tolls are also increased for these NYC bridges and tunnels: Read more…

January 23, 2013

NYC bus MTA busI wasn’t a fan of the NYC Select Service Bus concept at first, but now I’m a die-hard fan. These NYC buses are faster to load and unload passengers, and travel faster because of dedicated bus lanes and limited stops.

I regularly get on the Select Service Bus on a block where there is also a Local Bus stop, and sometimes I decide which bus to take as it arrives. You can pay for the Local Bus as you board, but you have to pre-pay for the Select Service Bus using machines on the curb before boarding. That’s what makes the boarding process so much faster.

I know which bus is coming because the Select Buses have flashing blue lights. But last night, Read more…

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August 20, 2012

NYC MTA logoThe MTA budget released in late July 2012 includes fare increases in 2013 and 2015. That means you’ll be paying more to ride a NYC bus or NYC subway.

We don’t know the amount of the new fares, but the budget shows that combining MTA fares and tolls is expecting to bring in $450 million in 2013, and $500 million in 2015.

Don’t like another fare increase? You can voice your objection at MTA public hearings in November.

The NYC MTA Board will vote in December, and any fare increase will be implemented in March 2013.

June 26, 2012

NYC MTA logoThe NYC MTA has reported that it loses $100 million every year from people who don’t pay the fare on a NYC subway or NYC bus. At $2.25 per ride, that’s nearly 44.5 million rides! The MTA supports 1.6 billion rides annually.

According to The Wall Street Journal, ‘NYPD’s patrol services bureau arrested 1,228 people for fare-beating between Jan. 1 and June 24, an MTA spokesman said on Monday, compared with 609 arrests in the same period last year. That represents a 102% jump in fare-beating arrests, which have risen in every borough except Brooklyn.’

So what about the other 44,444,000 free-loading riders?

What’s so very odd is that the MTA had recently estimated the loss at $14 million a year. How did it jump to a whopping $100 million?

Anecdotally, I regularly take the new Select Service Buses on 1st and 2nd Aves, where you buy a ticket on the street and board the NYC bus. It’s the honor system, and I’m sure there are folks who aren’t buying tickets and are willing to take a chance they won’t get caught. Only twice in the last year have there been any NYPD Officers checking for tickets when I got off the bus.


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Just when you thought you could get away from it all, it’s here. On the other hand, if you need to contact someone in an emergency or finish that presentation, it’s also here. Wi-Fi, that is. It’s now available at these NYC subway stations:






The network is  ‘Free Boingo Wi-Fi’ and is sponsored by Google Offers and provided by Boingo Wireless. If you’re an AT&T or T-Mobile customer, you’ll be able to use your cell phone and have data messages at these stations. 911 will also be able to be accessed.

The Wi-Fi will be available only until September 7th. We don’t know what will happen after that. The MTA plans to offer free Wi-Fi service in another 30 NYC subway stations on the West Side in 2012, including Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle. Eventually, we should be able to get service in 270 stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Queens – someday. Did you know there are 1.6 billion annual riders on the NYC subway system?

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March 12, 2012

NYC_Subway_On_The_Go_TouchscreenDo all those paper posters telling you about NYC subway service changes – taped to the subway platform poles –  confuse you?

Good news is here. According to the NY Daily News, the MTA has plans to install 47-inch interactive tablets throughout the entire 468-station NYC subway system. Features will include:

  • Subway schedules
  • MTA subway maps
  • NYC subway service changes
  • Neighborhood map with stores, landmarks, restaurants, other subway stations, etc.

These touchscreens will replace the paper maps and all those posters telling you about service changes. No details about the rollout schedule or cost yet.

You can see one of these touchscreens in the Bowling Green NYC subway station, Atlantic Ave.-Pacific St. in Brooklyn, and Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Ave. in Queens.



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March 5, 2012
Bernie_Wagenblast NYC Subway Announcer

Bernie Wagenblast, NYC Subway Announcer

‘We’re currently experiencing a delay due to work on the tracks’.

‘The next downtown 6 train will arrive in 4 minutes’.

‘Mind the gap’.

So boring that we tune out these NYC subway announcements, right?

Well, here are some new announcements, recorded by the fabulous Bernie Wagenblast — the voice of many NYC subway platforms. The announcements were part of a competition by The New York Times.  Whilst you probably won’t hear most of them on the subway, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these messages telling you to wake up and giving you compliments, warning about loud headphones, a poem, and even a rap!

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February 15, 2012

Bernie_Wagenblast NYC Subway AnnouncerHow many times have you been on a NYC subway and wanted to have the announcer say something funny, or useful, or maybe even a little sarcastic? Maybe you want to know the nearby landmarks, or the famous actor who was born in the neighborhood, or if the forecast is for rain?

Now is your chance. Bernie Wagenblast, the voice you hear on the platform of the Seventh Avenue and Lexington Avenue lines: Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, wants to know what you want to hear.

Click here to post what you’d like to hear on the NYC subway platform. 

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February 8, 2012

NYC’s MTA has just announced the winners of the best smartphone software applications for riders. The winners were chosen by the MTA.

Embark NYC — lets you plan your NYC subway trip and see subway schedules for a particular route. Includes an interactive map of the subway system.  IPhone, Android.

Free NYC Subway Locator — lets use find the nearest NYC subway stop. IPhone.

The public also voted on a winner:

CityMaps,–  gives you real-time information about local businesses with NYC subway information about how to reach them.

8.5 million people use the NYC subway system every day.

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January 30, 2012

If you jump the NYC subway turnstile or scoot through the emergency exit, think again. The NY State Senate just passed a bill to fine you $500 for trying to save on the $2.25 fare.  The current fine is $100.

If the NY State Assembly passes the bill, then it’s the law.

We were thinking, ‘What’s a few people beating the fare? How much can it really cost NYC?’ Get ready to pick your jaw up from the floor, because the MTA estimates that all that turnstile jumping in the NYC subway loses the MTA $31 million every year.

The bill was drafted by Senator Charles Fuschillo (R – Long Island), who also serves as Chairman of the NY State Senate’s Transportation Committee. Fuschillo initiated the increase after the NY Daily News broke the news about a NYC Transit study showing that most regular fare-beaters get caught and fined $100 once every six to 13 weeks. At that rate, it’s cheaper to just pay the $100 fine rather than buy 6 weekly MetroCards.

According to a recent Daily News story by Pete Donohue, the MTA has the authority to increase fines for violating the Rules of Conduct.


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