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February 12, 2015

In NYC, you cannot park within 15 feet of a NYC fire hydrant or between a bus stop sign and the next parking sign. The curb may or not be painted, and after circling the block a few times you just want to park your car rather than get out and measure that 15 feet.

This week, City Councilman Vincent Gentile (D-Brooklyn) proposed legislation that would require the curb to be painted red to mark the required 15 feet from fire hydrants and bus stops.

We like the idea. If you park legally and still get a ticket, you just take a photo of your vehicle legally parked, and you can successfully fight that NYC parking ticket, which goes for $115.

The main issue against the bill seems to be the cost of doing all that painting. Stay tuned.

October 8, 2013

NYC Parking TicketLast week we heard from one of our subscribers that you could get out of a NYC traffic ticket by over-paying the ticket and never cashing the refund check. We immediately contacted our traffic lawyer, Matt Weiss, and he told that this spam email has been wandering in cyber space for a few years. That got us thinking – what myths are out there, purporting to get you out of a parking ticket? We talked with our expert at New York Parking Ticket, and here are a few:

You Can Legally Save a NYC Parking Space – Try this, and any respectable New Yorker will let you know that’s just not true. And we’re guessing the driver who wants that spot you’re desperately saving will arrive well before any parking enforcement officer arrives on the scene.

A Yellow Curb marks the beginning and end of a NYC Bus Stop Zone – Nope, isn’t true.  A NYC bus stop zone begins at the bus stop sign and extends in the direction of the arrow(s) until the next parking sign or the end of the block. For a NYC bus stop parking ticket, it doesn’t matter if you parked far enough away from the sign for a bus to fit. You are allowed only to stop, drop-off or pick-up a passenger, and go. Since a bus stop violation is a NO STANDING violation, you cannot unload your property to the curb. In NYC, a bus stop parking ticket is given to anyone who takes more than two minutes to load or unload his or her passengers.

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