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June 30, 2015

NYC Parking TicketThe New York Post reported that foreign diplomats owe more than $16 billion in unpaid NYC parking tickets! Here are the facts:

  • Diplomats have 529 NYC street parking spots — all legal! Each UN mission has two designated NYC parking spaces and 1-2 parking spots for each consulate.
  • NYC has issued has issued 219,902 parking violations to diplomatic vehicles including 18,008 alone to Egypt which owes $1.97 million, the most of any country!
  • Most of the $16 million in parking debt was accumulated before a 2002 agreement between the city and the US State Department that was supposed to curb abuses!
  • Senegal, Ivory Coast, Indonesia and Italy each owes approximately $24,000 for tickets received since 2002!
  • In total, the city issued 42,449 NYC parking tickets since 2002, and $758,968 in fines remain outstanding!

The NYC Department of Transportation, which puts up the parking signs for diplomat parking, would not disclose their locations.

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NYC Muni MeterAs of July 1, 2015, you’ll be able to pre-pay your NYC Muni Meter up to one hour before the meter regulations go into effect.

Why? This change, sponsored by NYC Councilman David G. Greenfield, specifically benefits NYC drivers who need NYC street parking before the Muni Meter becomes active, but won’t be able to feed the meter when it does become active. For example, you have an 8:30am doctor appointment and you need to arrive at 8:15am, but the Muni Meter doesn’t become active until 8:30am. Currently, you’d have to run out just as your appointment is starting. Under this new legislation, you can pre-pay the NYC Muni Meter at 8:15am — to begin the parking period at 8:30am. Greenfield sponsored this bill to help NYC drivers avoid that dreaded NYC parking ticket.

Sounds simple, right? But because of the complexities involved, Greenfield’s law gave the City two years from July 1, 2013 to change the muni-meter machines to accept pre-payment. The city has already re-programmed many muni-meters including ones in Greenfield’s Boro Park neighborhood. All of the city’s muni-meters will be reprogrammed by this July 1st.

November 22, 2013

In most of NYC’s residential areas, you can park on the street for free. In exchange for that free NYC street parking, you’ll also put up with moving your car twice a week for NYC’s Alternate Side Parking Regulations for street cleaning and circling the blocks to actually find a space.

A NYC parking garage, on the other hand, can cost you $300 – $600 per month depending on your neighborhood. For this price, your car is safe, is warm in the winter and doesn’t get damaged by chemicals to melt the snow, and is ready when you need it.

But how much would New Yorkers pay for a Residential Street Parking Permit that let them park in their neighborhood? Theoretically, the benefit would be more available NYC street parking, but no guarantees of getting a spot. Vehicles would still be subject to nature (rain, snow, wind, dirt) and human nature (damage, theft).  Transport researchers Zhan Guo of New York University and Simon McDonnell of the City University of New York surveyed a small group of New Yorkers and report that roughly 53 percent of New Yorkers are willing to pay something for residential street spaces — and this something averaged about $400 a year.

But the research is a bit flawed. Read more…

September 30, 2013

Image,_Car2GoCould this really be the end to driving around looking for the elusive free NYC street parking space? Can we really look forward to not shelling out  $40 an hour to park in a NYC parking garage?

Not so fast, but it is a possibility. Earlier in 2013, Car2Go, a car-sharing company focusing on one-way rentals, negotiated with both Washington, DC and San Francisco to purchase:

  1. Access to street parking in permit-only areas, and 
  2. Specific street parking spaces without paying any parking meter fees. 

If you rent a vehicle from Car2Go, you get Read more…

May 9, 2013

NYC Muni-Meter_Pay_At_signMany NYC street parking meters, called Muni-Meters, go into effect for NYC parking at 9am. For people who might park at a NYC street parking meter at 8:30am for work, though, this means they have to go back to the meter at 9am and pay for their parking.

In mid-April 2013, NYC City Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) introduced a bill that would require the NYC Muni-Meters to start accepting payment half an hour before meter requirements take effect.

On a positive note, many people will avoid the dreaded NYC parking ticket.

On the other hand, it could mean that people will park overnight — for free, and pre-pay the Muni-Meter to start at 9am.

March 21, 2013

NYC Parking Electric_Vehicle_Charging_Station_&_Car,_Beam_ChargingWe’ve been hearing about electric vehicles for a few years now. With huge gas savings, government tax credits for buying an electric vehicle, and free parking — these cars seem like a great option.

But lately the discussion has been questioning these subsidies, ie. if electric vehicles are so fantastic, why does there need to be so many incentives to encourage us to buy them? The Nissan Leaf starts at about $35,000.

At a parking conference last year, one session focused solely on parking demand and supply for electric vehicles:

  • If we make a car owner pay for the electricity, should we give him free parking?
  • What is someone parks in a garage for 8 hours and uses only 2 hours of a battery charge? That takes away the space for other people to park.
  • If you offer electric car charging stations at on-street parking, the space needs to be handicapped-accessible.
  • Can we give someone free electric charging and charge more for the parking?

In NYC, Edison Parking began offering electric vehicle charging stations in 21 NJ & NYC garages in February 2011. Edison offered free charging for the first six months. Read more…

January 24, 2013

Inrix NYC parking garageFor nearly 10 years, we’ve been hearing about this fantastic new way you’ll be able to find parking — either street parking or garage parking. Here at Park It! Guides, we published an annual guidebook to the 1,100 NYC parking garages for three years. We stopped to focus on finding you NYC monthly parking because we knew there would be a way to share this information electronically, and have been working with parking garage owners and operators on that project.

In the last few years, we’ve heard from probably 20 companies that tell us about their great technology but can’t figure out how to make it work in NYC. And I hear that there are likely another 40 – 50 start-ups trying to do the same thing.

A few companies are seeing some success providing parking information via mobile apps, usually covering a small region. We found that whilst you can build great technology, you first need the actual location and rates for the parking garages to have a successful product. Read more…

December 7, 2012

NYC Muni-Meter ImageEffective May 12, 2012, you may use a NYC Muni-Meter Receipt ONLY at a NYC street parking space that is the same or lesser value of the receipt. 

So if you buy parking for $2 per hour in Queens, you cannot use that receipt in Manhattan for a $3 per hour parking space. You can use the receipt for a $2 per hour or $1 per hour space in any NYC borough.

Whilst it’s unlikely that the NYC traffic enforcement officer is going to check every single Muni-Meter receipt on every single dashboard, we talked today with someone who got this very NYC parking ticket. The fine for the NYC parking violation was $65.

November 15, 2012

NYC is running a budget shortfall, and Mayor Bloomberg is hoping to raise NYC street parking meter rates as part of the effort to close the budget.

The budget gap is $2.5 billion in fiscal year 2014, and Bloomberg is planning to increase the cost of NYC school lunches and lay off some city workers to save $1.7 billion over the next two years. We’re also going to see an increase in NYC street parking meter rates.

  • South of 96th St in Manhattan: Increase from $3 to $3.50/hour
  • 96th St – 110th St in Manhattan: Increase from $1 to $1.50/hour
  • Lower Manhattan: New metered spaces will be installed in currently free or no parking zones.
  • City Parking Lots & Garages: Hourly and long term parking rates to increase

No word on when the increase for the NYC parking meters will happen.

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June 5, 2012

Free Parking in NYC. We all want it, we all deserve it. So why is it so hard to find? Because there are nearly 1 million cars driving into Manhattan every day and probably another 60,000 cars owned by local residents who are already parking on the street. A number of websites and mobile apps have popped up to help people find NYC street parking. These apps typically focus on showing where you can parking legally, or using a crowd-sourcing model where users offer and claim street parking spaces. Here’s a wrap-up of some of these sites and apps:

NYC Department of Transportation Parking Signs are shown in this full map of every single NYC parking sign for each block, and where the sign is located on the block. There are some flaws, such as the site doesn’t explain the confusing NYC parking regulations in NYC like No Standing, No Parking, and No Stopping. The site also doesn’t tell you which way a one-way sign is pointing – a critical element in a city of one-way streets. The site would be helpful as an app.

Roadify started out as an online system of buying and selling NYC street parking availability in Brooklyn, with users earning and spending credits for parking. The app continues to win Read more…

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