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October 21, 2013

If you like to speed in NYC, watch out. Over the weekend of October 11 – 13, 2013, the NYPD gave out 736 NYC traffic tickets for speeding.i

NYPD set up speed traps in all five NYC boroughs:

  • 266 NYC speeding tickets issued in Queens
  • 213 NYC speeding tickets issued in the Bronx
  • 113 NYC speeding tickets issued in Brooklyn

A NYC speeding ticket is a NYC traffic violation that carries both a fine and points on your license.

FINE: $45 – $600

POINTS: 3 – 11 points

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October 8, 2013

NYC Parking TicketLast week we heard from one of our subscribers that you could get out of a NYC traffic ticket by over-paying the ticket and never cashing the refund check. We immediately contacted our traffic lawyer, Matt Weiss, and he told that this spam email has been wandering in cyber space for a few years. That got us thinking – what myths are out there, purporting to get you out of a parking ticket? We talked with our expert at New York Parking Ticket, and here are a few:

You Can Legally Save a NYC Parking Space – Try this, and any respectable New Yorker will let you know that’s just not true. And we’re guessing the driver who wants that spot you’re desperately saving will arrive well before any parking enforcement officer arrives on the scene.

A Yellow Curb marks the beginning and end of a NYC Bus Stop Zone – Nope, isn’t true.  A NYC bus stop zone begins at the bus stop sign and extends in the direction of the arrow(s) until the next parking sign or the end of the block. For a NYC bus stop parking ticket, it doesn’t matter if you parked far enough away from the sign for a bus to fit. You are allowed only to stop, drop-off or pick-up a passenger, and go. Since a bus stop violation is a NO STANDING violation, you cannot unload your property to the curb. In NYC, a bus stop parking ticket is given to anyone who takes more than two minutes to load or unload his or her passengers.

You Can Park Within 10 Feet of a NYC Fire HydrantRead more…

September 17, 2013

Why You Shouldn’t Text & Drive

  1. Some 25% of car crashes are likely caused by cellphone use (May 2013, National Safety Council)
  2. Drivers using cellphones fail to see up to 50% of the information in their environment, reports David Teater, senior director at the NSC
  3. It’s illegal. New York State bans using a hand-held cellphone while driving. On November 1,  2011, NY State became the 14th state to ban texting while driving. That includes reading, typing and/or sending text messages or emails. 
  4. After 7/26/13, the fine for texting while driving is $50 – $150 plus mandatory surcharges and fees of up to $85. If you commit a second offense within 18 months, the fine is $50 – $200 with up to $93 in surcharges. A third offence within 18 months carries a fine of $50 – $400 with up to $93 in surcharges. (The old fines were a maximum of $100 fine and $85 surcharge).
  5. AS of 6/1/13, you’ll get 5 points on your NYS license for texting while driving. It’s a NYC traffic ticket.
  6. Since using a handheld electronic device is now a primary offence, you can be pulled over for this violation if an office sees you using a handheld device while driving
May 9, 2013

Streetline_DOT_map_of_parking_spacesIf you’re tired of driving around looking for a NYC parking space, and then hoarding  quarters to pay for NYC parking, NYC is working on a better way. NYC is testing out a new program on Arthur Avenue in the Belmont area of the Bronx, also known as Little Italy (of the Bronx). You can use your phone, internet or smartphone app to pay for 264 metered NYC parking spaces along or adjacent to Arthur Avenue  plus 57 spaces in NYC’s Belmont Municipal Parking Field. Each Muni-Meter in the pilot program has a QR code and a seven-digit number that is your link to making payments. How It Works

  1. Sign up for PayByPhone with your vehicle registration and credit card number
  2. Find a space by using NYC DOT’s real-time map of available NYC parking spaces (map shown above). The map shows where there are available spaces and where there is low or limited availability.
  3. After you park, type in the  number displayed on the side of the closest muni-meter to start paying for parking.
  4. When your meter is about to expire, you’ll get a text or email. You will be able to add more money to extend your time, but only to the time allowed by the parking regulation.

Things we Like about NYC Pay By Phone Parking

  1. You don’t have to walk to walk to the meter itself or deal with slips of paper. Read more…
April 9, 2013

If you’re guilty of texting while driving or get caught using a cellphone while driving, expect to pay more for that NYC and NYS traffic ticket. The NYS budget proposed for early April 2013 includes increased penalties for texting while driving and getting a cell phone ticket. Here are some of the changes:

NYS Traffic Ticket Fine for a Cell Phone Ticket While Driving

  • Old Fine: $100 for first offence, 3 points
  • New Fine: $150 for first offence, 3 points

NYS Traffic Ticket Fine for a Texting While Driving Ticket

  • Old Fine: $150 for first offence, 2 points (points were effective 2/16/11)
  • New Fine: $150 for first offence (TBD)

According to DemocratandChronicleOnline, ‘From January 2012 through November 2012, police issued nearly 26,000 texting-while-driving violations — compared to about Read more…

June 26, 2012

Virtual_Driver_Interactive_SimulatorThink you can drive and text, or drive and put on mascara? Test your skills using Virtual Driver Interactive’s ‘One Simple Decision’, and think again. This very cool simulator will ask you to drive and do things like text, and boom! – you’ve suddenly run into a stop sign or even worse, hit a small child.

It doesn’t stop there, though. The Simulator may take you through being arrested and found guilty of vehicular manslaughter, or being airlifted to hospital and into surgery. One of the scenarios takes you into a police checkpoint for drunk driving.

The video reminded me a little of that documentary, Scared Straight, just without the inmates. If you’re thinking about doing any NYC driving, the Virtual Driver Interactive Simulator could convince you to stop that texting and help you avoid a NYC traffic ticket.

You can’t buy the program on your own, so you’ll have to find it at your company or driving school, sorry.

May 23, 2012

NYC  Parking Ticket on Car 1Surprisingly, NYC is on track to issue fewer NYC parking tickets in 2012, as compared to 2011. According to The New York Post, NYC can expect to drop from $25.6 million in revenue to $16.5 million for moving violations, and issue less than 1 million actual tickets for moving violations. More specifically, we’re looking at:

  • 270,000 fewer NYC tickets for moving violations (there were 1,262,585 recorded for fiscal 2011),
  • $9 million less in revenue from NYC traffic tickets
NYC parking tickets for violations including Overtime Meter and Alternate Side Parking are also expected to not increase over 2011:
  • $496 million in revenue expected – similar to 2011 but less than approximately $540 million in 2010,
  • Less than the $513 million projected just a few weeks ago

Why the decrease?

Part of the drop in NYC parking tickets is from Read more…

November 3, 2011

Texting and DrivingTexting while driving doubles a driver’s reaction time. That pretty much sums up the risk you’re taking if you are texting and driving. Plus, of course, up to $150 for the fine for a NY traffic ticket.

On November 1, 2010, NY State became the 14th state to ban texting while driving. That includes reading, typing and/or sending text messages.

A recent study by Texas A&M University’s Texas Transportation Institute had 42 drivers between the ages of 16 and 54 driving on an 11-mile test track course while sending or receiving text messages. Then they drove the course while focusing completely on the road.

Drivers were asked to stop when they saw a flashing yellow light, and their reaction times were recorded.

The Results

Non-texting Driver — responded to the flashing light in Read more…

September 19, 2011

Our friends at New York Parking Ticket, the place to go for help with a NYC parking ticket, just told us about this totally cool new site that can tell you how many NYC parking tickets were issued in your neighborhood.

The site, DNA Info, charges $4 to subscribe to the Crime & Safety Report, but we got an inside peek into a few screens.

From the ‘Ticketed Offenses’ graphs, you can see that Parking Tickets have declined in the Downtown area while Traffic Tickets have increased a little bit.

September 14, 2011

Texting and driving? Think again. There’s a new law in town, and it says that a NYS police officer can pull you over just for texting while driving or even using a handheld device. The old law required that drivers had to be pulled over for another offense and then cited for texting while driving, which made it a secondary offense. Now, it’s a primary offense and you can be stopped for it.

If you get caught, this is what happens:

  • 3 points on your license
  • Fine of up to $150

The law took effect in July 2011. There are 27 other states in the US that hold texting and driving as a primary offense.


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