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September 5, 2010

The MTA is at it again — talking about raising MetroCard prices. Right now, we’re paying $2.25 for a single ride, $27 for a weekly card, and $89 for an unlimited monthly card.

Just last month, in July, the MTA was talking about a $104 unlimited monthly card, a $99 monthly card with 90 rides, and a $29 weekly card.

But on August 23rd, the whopping cost of $130 for a monthly card was being tossed about — that’s a 46% increase! And the MTA also mentioned a $38 weekly card and a $2.50 single card ride. Check out the Public Notices, like the one below.10-08-23_mta_unlimited_1301

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January 18, 2010

Have you seen the MTA’s new website? It’s pretty cool.

Real-Time Updates – you can find out about delays on the subway, bus and commuter train lines, plus any planned construction or repair work on that line.

See how you can Plan Your Trip, Print a Map, and do it all On Your Smart Phone. Read more…