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February 12, 2015

Image,_Move_NY_Plan,_TollsCongestion Pricing for anyone driving in NYC is back on the table. With the removal of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the MTA’s $15 billion capital-plan deficit, Sam Schwartz’s Move NY plan could fix both congestion and the deficit.

Move NY Plan’s premise is to increase costs of driving into Manhattan where there are good public transport options, and reduce the costs where there are limited public transportation options. As a result, the flow of traffic gets spread around the various NYC bridge and tunnel crossings.


  • East River bridges — implement tolls of $5.54 for E-ZPass users, $8 for others on the Queensborough/Koch Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge.
  • Crossing below 60th Street in Manhattan — implement toll of $5.54 for E-ZPass users, $8 for others.
  • Outer Borough Bridges — reduce tolls from $5 to $2.50
  • Off Peak Hours — lower toll rates
  • NYC Taxis and app-based services — implement a surcharge based on a distance entered below 96th St in Manhattan.


April 30, 2012

We adore Sam Schwartz, aka ‘Gridlock Sam’. He’s a one man army dedicated to making NYC driving and traveling a pleasant experience, which means less traffic, happy drivers who don’t honk the horn, and a fantastic public transportation system that runs on time and gets you where you want to go.

How is he doing it? All on his own time, this owner of an internationally recognized transportation and engineer firm has designed a plan to bring peace to the roads and underground of NYC. The plan includes:

  • $5 toll on all bridges and tunnels coming into Manhattan below 60th St to spread out the congestion on the currently free bridges — Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Queensboro/59th St Bridge — and the currently tolled crossings — Queens Midtown Tunnel, Brooklyn Battery Tunnel,
  • $5 charge to enter Manhattan below 60th St if you haven’t used any of the tolled crossings, and
  • $1 surcharge on all taxi trips below 60th St.

During his career as NYC’s Traffic Commissioner, Sam saw it all. Read more about Sam’s career and his love for NYC.

March 27, 2012
NYC Bridge & Tunnel Toll Plan, Sam Schwartz

Courtesy: Wall St Journal

Sam Schwartz, aka ‘Gridlock Sam’, has been working on a new plan to ease NYC’s traffic and congestion. This isn’t the Congestion Pricing Plan from 2008. This plan is designed to encourage public transportation where it’s available by charging vehicles at congested areas, and not charge where there isn’t good public transportation. Here are the highlights of the plan:

  • Queensboro Bridge/59th St Bridge: No toll into Manhattan becomes $7 toll to reduce the congestion on the bridge. Read more…
March 12, 2012

Image,_Sam_SchwartzIf you haven’t heard of ‘Gridlock Sam’, columnist for the NY Daily News and national expert on transportation, you must read this NY Times article. I’ve known Sam Schwartz, aka ‘Gridlock Sam’, for nearly six years and he is the ‘go to’ person for anything concerning NYC transportation. A worldwide authority in traffic, highway, bridge, transit and parking systems, Sam was New York City’s traffic commissioner and the chief engineer for highways, bridges, ferries and other New York City infrastructure.

His firm, Sam Schwartz Engineering works internationally with small and large cities and public and private sector clients to handle the transportation logistics covering these areas: traffic plans, congestion, urban planning, bicycle planning, parking facilities, transit & rail services, community outreach, bridges, pedestrian traffic management, events and stadiums,

Remember Congestion Pricing a few years ago? Schwartz has been working on his own version of a plan, and he calculates that his system would bring an extra $1.2 billion a year to the M.T.A. — enough to raise the subways and buses back to first-world standards. The plan promises 35,000 permanent new jobs, a sharp drop in traffic, and for a majority of travelers an actual reduction in costs.

Schwartz even coined the term ‘Gridlock’ back in the 1970s.



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December 2, 2010

These 8 days have been named 2010 NYC Gridlock Alert Days — when you can expect the city to have significant traffic and are advised NOT to drive if you really, really don’t have to.

Wednesday, November 24
Tuesday, November 30
Friday, December 10
Wednesday, December 15
Thursday, December 16
Friday, December 17
Wednesday, December 22
Thursday, December 23

June 18, 2009

Two weekends ago I was honored to be invited to join Mayor Bloomberg’s celebrations of the 100th anniversary of NYC’s Queensboro Bridge, which connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Queens. A select group of us were invited to walk across the upper level of the bridge, which was closed to traffic, for the ceremony at the middle of the bridge. Read more…